2017 12 29

One single thought, one single word, sneaks whispering over the field oc energy surrounding the body  and sweeps the soul into a beautiful vastness of tranquility. Calmness Calmness Calmness

In the silence within and sometimes outsiders, the soul whisper to heart about peace and freedom.

nothing more

nothing less

Words of december to reflect on:

”I am that I am”

2017 11 03

The darkness i the north is gilded by glittering snow covers who falls down in harmony with the rhythm of universe. Each snow flake singles down or melt on the way and is transformed into rain. A slowly dripping rain, which rinses down on earth and give life.  Frozen and kept in a moment of crystal clear stunning beauty or shaped up like flowing eternity on its way to become steamy and light,easily lifting high above and beyond our horizons and illusionary picture of eternity.

Words of november to reflect on:

”Cycle, participation, unification”


2017 01 07

Reflections over the new year. The years to come.
Commitment for joy and a free life. Filled with happiness and true compassion. Filled with Love for all beings. Filled with light from our soul and love from our heart.
We all know that there exist something without form without smell without taste, Yet so tasteful you can smell it, yet filling up your whole being. Love.

So simple , so strong

So much in everyone.

Words of January to reflect on:

”Joy, Forfillment  & Compassion”



2016 10 17

Thoughts thoughts thoughts … reflecting life

so many thoughts passing thru … investigating the most inner piece of consciousness

Daring to look inside

Daring to look outside

Daring to think a moment about how other may react, which story they built up in their mind. If our stories are compatible or not. If we can communicate or not, If we ever reach each other  with true love, slowly finding its way out there…from the most inner part of soul and heart together in unity as one…

An everyday work

Lets do it together and sometimes apart. Everyone in our own brilliant core.

Words of October to reflect on:

”Love, Light  & Commitment”





// Team- Puia