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Team Puia use Frilans Finans AB, for economic  transactions, the biggest self-employment company in Scandinavia

Frilansfinans AB will send you the invoice. Paying VAT, taxes, and finally salary to the team members working at the performing, educations or retreats.

Egenanställda hos Frilansfinans Sverige AB
All fakturering sker genom Frilans Finans Sverige AB. Skandinaviens största egenanställningsföretag
Betalar in moms, skatt, sociala avgifter och skickar timlön till de egenanställda.
En kreativ lösning för kreativa människor.

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You can also be a supportive member by occasional or monthly donation to our fund to help out with the nonprofit projects and administrations.  Please contact for more details

// Team PUIA