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About the founder of VAIA
Gaila Joy Serene
Artist and  Founder of  Vedic Art International Academy august 2014.
Gaila started to paint 2008 and has ever since,  been devoted to the Vedic Art Painting & Drawing.
She is educated at Vedic Art Sverige by the artist & founder of the methode, Curt Källman. All different topics including teacher training.
2012 she was educated to become a teacher in Space and Jyotish, and later on other special topics coming up, by his son Johannes Källman.
2014 she took the teacher training ”Drawing without Boundaries” with and by Maja Fritz Kooponen. Founder of  AAVA Vedic Art Academy Finland.
Spent six years of full- and part time painting, developing her skills as well as teaching others and educating teachers. Giving teacher trainings at Bali and New Zealand.
Developing her skills in painting attending workshops over the years, for example Abstract painting, Batique and Chalkboard.  Now teaching in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Öland and Lysekil. Other towns and countries by request.

”Living my dreams, sharing my passion” // gaila


About Vedic Art

Vedic Art is a pedagogic developed methode based on 17 priciples for life and art. It combines the ancient wisdom in the Veda tradition and ordinary topics in classic art education.

The founder Curt Källman, was a swedish talanted artist. He had a lot of exhibitions and became well known. After some years he felt something missing in the ordinary artschools, The thrue connection to the creative force. He met the Maharishi yogi and learned about the principles of life. He translated it into Art. Later he was asked to create a free art school that would be a bearer of the spoken tradition of life and art for years to come.
Curt Källman dedicated the rest of his life teaching others and developing this methode.

The Vedic Art School started in Skåne, south of Sweden, in 1988. It began as an institute. Later it moved to Öland, the second largest swedish island. There it became Vedic Art Sweden. A free Art school.  Nowadays Vedic Art is spred around the world. But still, In summertime people from all the world are  comming  together paint in big barns at the very south of Öland .

The Vedic Art methode is very little about HOW to paint.
More about REMEMBERING how to paint.
It awakens the desire to CREATE, by supporting your inner knowledge.
easy and without critic,

Then you are able to create your life, paintings or what ever you choose.
”Life and Art are so close together, they are almost impossible to separate”// Curt Källman

Curt Källman

Curt Källman

Shortley before Curt K. passed away in 2010, he handed over the company to his son, Johannes Källman. He is now, among other teachers, the bearer of the tradition. Johannes  holds talks and educations and also produce fine artistic paint  offered to Vedic Art educated painters. He organizes the Vedic Art summercamp at Öland, in big barns with weekly educations, during almost two months every summer. Vedic Art Sweden is his way of living and he loves it.

Johannes Källman