Vedic Art International

Just for a moment …forget everything you ever learned… and experience how to  connect with your inner knowledge of creativity and counsciousness.

The Vedic Art methode is a way to take you there.

To connect to the force of creating and develope what´s already in you..

Painting beyond Illusions, where the intellect and critic is left far behind.

Step by step unfolding your own great potential of creating

Vedic Art International Academy , founded 2012 by Gaila, teach the Vedic Art methode based on the 17 principles for life and art.

Vedic Art School was founded and developed by Curt Källman, in 1989.

Vedic Art is a bearer of a spoken tradition how the law of nature operates combined with classic art education

It works on all levels of consciousness and artistic technique, as well as at the lack of any technique at all. Everyone is welcome to join.

There are several opportunities to study for higher knowledge.
Basic, Continue, Depth expansion, Teacher training, Name& Shape, Drawing without Boundaries,
Special Topics in cooperation with guest teachers:
Space & Jyotish,  Additionals 18 &19, Artha, Dharma, Kama, Moksha, Teacher training C

Private and Groups

We teach in swedish, english, spanish and offer some other language by translation, if you need sign language, please bring your own translator until we can offer that.

You sign up with a group that suites you or bring your own group in order to have it exclusivly in your own language (if we can offer it by translation)

Course held by Gaila in swedish and english around the world. Other languages either by translation held by participation administrator of the course or in cooperation with Vedic Art guest teachers .


Gaila Joy Serene / artist, teacher, founder of PUIA
Gaila  / art performer, teacher, founder of PUIA and VAIA

Its already in you. Just waiting to be found // gaila

Vedic Art History


The free arts education Vedic Art school was founded by Curt Källman 1979.

He had been commissioned by the renowned TM teacher, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, to create an arts school that would last for at least 2000 years. Step by step, grow principles order,  out of his painting practice. Almost ten years later the first education started at Bosjö monastery Castle in Skåne, south Sweden. Today people from all the world come to Sweden in summertime, to be able to paint together.

Curt Källman started his journey as an artist at the age of 25. He was a promising young artist  who was admitted to study at Gerlesborgsskolan  and  the Academy of Arts in Stockholm. During the time he studied he felt that there were something more, lacking in the traditionell arts school. Something beyond technology itself.  The very source of creation and the creative process. He searched until he finally found the missing part.


Curt 2

Curt Källman transferred the knowledge he has found to the language of art, and integrated this in the art education Vedic Art, a teaching methods to find the drive and desire to create. He allowed thus a path to a more conscious existence, through art.



Vedic Art contains nothing new, it just reminds us of the knowledge we have forgotten and is preserved into the depths of ourselves.

Basics in Vedic Art, 17 principles for life and art. An oral tradition that includes Western classical exercises for the arts and creativity, combined with poetic stanzas, oriental wisdom and philosophical stories about nature´s way of creating and its developement. In addition to the basics are several courses for further development.

In Vedic Art is a focus on the individual beneficial and permissive environment where the teacher´s presence creates security.



Anyone can paint and all of us can create. Forget for a moment all you have learned in life and let you travel through the color and shape to your own inner knowledge. Just let yourself go and get started. Put paint on the canvas and then proceed with all that you have a desire, wish and longing for.

We paint together in silence, without commenting on each other´s work. we paint beyond time and space, in our individual natural rhythm. A redemptive simplicity without requirements or performance.

The principles of Vedic Art has an inherent power to give you the insight you need at exactly the level you are and therefore fits all regardless of prior knowledge.

Bring your curiosity and desire with your material and indulge yourself in your own dizzying journey into the world of art in your very own way.

An opportunity to discover life from an entirely new perspective and find your mission in life.

It is an exclusive meeting with yourself and your own creative power.

You know in your heart if your want to…
”Vedic Art is so much about our inner yearning, to find our mission in life, and to follow it when we can.”// Gaila

VAIA, Vedic Art International Academy, was founded 2012 when Gaila went abroad to inspire and educate others.  The name is approved by Johannes Källman, Vedic Art Sweden.