–  One week intensive education or two-four weekends

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Vedic Art Basic is a methode of 17 principles for life and art.

They teach the empowerment of creating and the life force to make it happen.

Its already in you, The principles simply remind you of your own knowledge. The one that is kept deep down inside of you. Very close to your heart and soul.

Vedic Art is a bearer of a spoken tradition how the law of nature operates combined with classic art education

A journey to your lifepurpose, an exclusive meeting with yourself as well as a journey in the art of painting. A challenge to experince it all in your own way.

The painting comes easy without any judgement, comments, or critisism from others, only the silence brings the answer you need.

We use acrylic, pensils, paper, something to paint on in differnt size. Like canvas, wallpaper, wood, cardboard…something to paint with , bruch, knifes, hands, towel, spunge…. or take whatever you already have.  Make it easy and enjoy the journey …

The teacher will be there to support you and inspire you.

Welcome to the free art school, Vedic Art International.


”Painting beyound illusions” / Gaila

Basic      Continue      Name &Shape     Space & Jyotish     Teachertraining level A,B,C