– One week intensive education and development

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Vedic Art Continue is a course for those who already passed the Basic.

The possibility to grow, expand on all levels and explore how it is to paint big size paintings as well as mimimum size.

Here you will have more time to paint, reflect on life, transform and transcend deep under the surface to a greater knowledge.

It is developing your skills, having an exclusive meeting with yourself on all levels. Experience how to paint and live without any judgement, comments, or critisism from inside yourself.

You have everything you need inside of you to become a better painter, create what you want in your art or in your life. Helping your dreams come thrue and go beyond your own limits.

The Continue class is to be repeated any time during life, over and over again, whenever you like, simply because you´re longing for it

The teacher will give a lecture/talk every day, including reading the aditionals to the principles. Coaching, inspiration and feedback if wanted.

You bring your own material as a free artist. Acrylic  is to be used, no oil, based on the sensitiveness by other people. Mixed media is ok.

Welcome to the free art school, Vedic Art International.

”Painting beyound illusions and further away” / Gaila