Teachertraining/ Master program

Sketch & Draw

”When your heart and passion are calling, its time to become a teacher.”

To share your knowledge, inspire others to sketch and draw

You are qualified to apply after passing Basic, Continue and Advanced class.

They come in different topics and are constatntly developing 🙂

We are proud of having Gaila, the founder of  VAIA and teaching program as our coach in the Master program

She will happily be your coach, inspiring you how to teach and develop fun tasks and beautiful moments of the joy in drawing.

 ”follow the line and go for the journey , manifesting what is to come, develop, expand, transform your own way ” // gaila

Drawing without Boundaries 

Yearning to teach the cosmic dance of drawing?

To apply, you need to practice drawing classes in basic and three continue class with different topics

At the moment, Maija Koponen, the founder of AAVA, is the bearer of tradition of educating more teachers We will happily bring her to us when we have a group of people ready.


”knowing what is to come and see beyond the surface” // gaila