Drawing without Boundaries

When advanced principle of shape, consciousness  and drawing become one.  

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With the knowledge of the Vedic Wisdom tradition in our mind and the cosmic points as our tools, we enter the drawing skill training simply as joyful as the painting.

Letting the inner dialogue guide us and step by step unfolding the boundaries and predictions our previous consciousness choosed as a hinder to draw in total freedom from heart and inner knowledge.

Letting the pencil find its way crossing the paper and sketch pad, accompanied by the impulses of the heart, using our deepest memories as guiding tool.

Letting the world outside transform and develop inside out in its own way.

In this  course you will experience how it is to draw beyond intellect, using the cosmic points, activating memories deep below and study nature in differerent topics. Plants, animals, humans. Still and in moving actions.

You can join for two or three days several times or all  three topics in one week.

You need soft pencils, sharpener, a lot of drawing paper or bigger sketch pads and a conscious mind.

The teacher will give tasks and talks. Inspire and provide good environment for you to grow.

Welcome to enroll 🙂

”Transforming in the cosmic dance of the objects into drawings” //  gaila