Sketch & Draw

Basic Continue  Advanced course in joy of discovering shape and shapeless i the world of sketching and drawing.

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What if…  sketching and drawing will come to you as an easy flow of manifesting creativity?

Easy  and  cosmic drawing is natural and fun. One line leads into consciousness. Cosmic points in awareness activates in the creation. Easy steps where one form leads to another. Simply just by being aware , conscious and in the now. Suddenly you find yourself designing your own patterns, shapes and entering your life path.  Creating and shaping up the very form you want to live your life in. You leave the left brain in peace and turn right in to your right hemisphere where all your creativity will explode and expand in boundless freedom.

Then…. You connect with both right and left side of your brain and dance the perfect dance with the cosmic laws of attraction.

Is there a hook?

YES  , you can be addicted to drawing, sketching and having fun in every spare time of your life. Or even find yourself a new job/ career/ life/ love/passion or even health.
Besides if you paint… your artwork will increase and blossom.

Its just the way it works.

Nothing to loose everything to gain.

The course is developed by Gaila. After eight years of daily drawing, painting, teaching and developing she experienced that something was missing in the previous classes she had taken. The passion for drawing the force of drawing needed something else… She finally  put together tasks and topics from different drawing and sketching classes and added her own channeled developed technique for growing form into live.

Draw, meditate and more

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Do you want to learn to draw from the heart level? Be able to express yourself in color and shape? Dream of being able to draw but never dared to try? then these courses are for you!

No previous knowledge required. All courses are about remembering our own knowledge at the heart’s level and being able to bring our inner space into painting

A different way of learning to sketch and draw and be able to use it when painting

We draw pencils, color pencils, charcoal, chalk, grinder, brush.

The focus is on the creation itself and the inner process more than the result.

We discover creative abilities within us we have never been in contact with

Sketch & Draw provides insights into the principles of life and art

You get insight into the Name & Form course and exercises from DwB and several other drawing courses, they all form a way to remember the drawing, be in awareness, and let the shape find its way out on the paper.

A real kick for both your painting and drawing. With the same ease and freedom as in the undemanding painting. Here in an environment that invites you to the beauty in the world of shapes.  Live animals, culture and nature. Beauty, silence and magic

The courses are in central Gothenburg and sometimes in other places. Get in touch if you want me to come to your place.

Sketch & Draw,  basic –  one weekend 

theme –  lines, forms and  formless, name and form,  form without name

Date: 27-28 January
Time: saturday & sunday 10.00-16.00
Place: Around Gothenburg
Fee: 1500 SvK , € 150
Plus enterance fee when visiting botanical gardens, universum, museums or likewise on other places

Draw in contact with the cosmic points and lines. Activate vibration, expansion and dynamic direction. 

Sketch & Draw continue –  one weekend

theme –  form, interspace, awareness and transcendence 

Date: 27-28 april
Time: saturday & sunday 10.00-16.00
Place: Around Gothenburg
Fee: 1500:-
Plus enterance fee when visiting botanical gardens, universum, museums or likewise on other places  

Draw beyond intellect, with right hemisfären, n deep awareness and in contact with heart. 

Sketch & Draw, advanced – weekend and retreat, 2- 4 days

theme –  animals, nature, humans  – one weekend/ theme or all themes under one retreat 

Date: july
Time: thursday to sunday 10.00-16.00
Place: later announcement
Fee: 2500:- ( if two days retreat and advanced you only pay 1500 Sv K)
Plus enterance fee when visiting botanical gardens, universum, museums or likewise on other places

Good to know
You bring all material you need

Paper, sketchpad, pencil, coal, multistift, ballpoint pen, marker pencils and crayons

There is no fridge in the Gothenburg studio or the opportunity to heat food.

We go out and eat at nearby places

You can also bring a cool bag with your own food

I have tee, coffee and cookies for free when we are in my studio

All payments are made before the start of the course against invoice or on swish

enter name address, mail and cellphone upon registration

Registration or questions can be done by mail:

”When the love of life itself leads itself out of pens, crayons, coal, ink and tusch” / gaila