Space & Jyotish – retreat & advanced

Gaila Joy Serene / artist, teacher, founder of PUIA


Expanding Space

” Paint with awareness, with help of several deep meditations.  Go into a deeper understanding about Nakshatras and the quality of planets, colors, symbols to make contact with universe outside and iside of you.”

There will be time tp try out some technique to create space into your artwork.

Simple interpretation of your own Nakshatra and how it affects you on the level of the soul

There will be at least two co workers at the retreat or advanced level.

Sometimeswe visit an observatory where we can have a private guiding for our group  and if weather is good see the sky with stars and galaxies.

More information about retreats and advanced class in Space and Jyotish will come later in 2018.

Rymd & Jyotish – retreat and advanced, 4-6 days

Preliminar Date: 10- 13 may

Time: thursday til sunday 10.00  -ca 16.00

Fee:  3.100:-Svk

Your need: Canvas to pant on and your own material such as acrylic paint or tempera. A golden pen och a roller set. A pen for taking notes and a notebook if ou wish to take a note while listening to the interpretation of your own Nakshatra.

Sign up with NAME, BIRTH- YEAR; MONTH; DAY; and PLACE where you where born so that we can make your chart card.