Space & Jyotish – basic


 Space – three days of exploring space and the Vedic Horoscope, Jyotish.

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”Expanding ” example of creating Space

Painting a easy picture of how the galaxy and the stars in our horoskoe appeared on heaven the day we were born.  Deepen ourself in Space within and outside. Sharing knowledge from science as well as philosophy and taughts.

Lecture about –The Vedic Horoscope Jyotish and the difference from the western one. Everyone getting a 10 min reading of their jyotish horoscope and the connection to the house of art.

Painting, sharing, and stairing at stars if the wheather permits.

If possible visiting an observatory and get closer to space and stars.

These days are in cooperation with different teachers.

The Space in between where everything happens  // Gaila