Teachertraining A, B & C

-One week intensive education by developing yourself and the  understanding of how the principle works

Also offered in weekends

Vedic art teacher program is devided into three blocks.

Block A is about the understanding for the natural way of creating. It contain talks, questions and answers about the written material. A deeper understanding of what might happen in the participants. The 4 tools we have for expressing and creating and  The process. It contains all wellknown principles for art. Making it possible to develop your own art on a deeper level.

Block B brings the knowledge of different ways to approche to life and your artwork. The expression. The keys to enlightenment, awareness and expanded consiousness.  In art as well as in life. You will be participating in a talk and disscusion about theories, in art , in life, in spirit and how to coach people when experiences their journey thruh Vedic Art. Given suggestions on books to read, to extend and develope your own material as a teacher and your artwork beyond what is common tasks in the classic art school.

Block C is how u can coach other people into develope in their painting and go further, looking beyond illusions. It contains the six Vedangas in Vedic Knowledge and Give you the tool and competence to lead continue classes and give lectures and talks.  To enroll for Block C you have to have had several teaching experience (Comming up first time 2015.)

Why becomming a teacher?

Veda means knowledge and repeating. While giving classes you keep the knowledge alive in yourself och by repeating constantly, follows transforming the knowledge into new experiences together with new people, new experinces and the possibility to get to know yourself and the creation on higher levels. Constantly changing like the life force.

It is a way to start teaching, dare talking in front of a group in a very easy way and share your knowledge with other people. Pass forward what was given to you. Keeping life itself alive.  Helping people finding their true self and how to express themselves.

It will make you grow in all aspects. Constantly. Easy, releasing and satisfying. More than beyond // Gaila