PUIA PeacePainting


”PUIA PeacePainting is a worldwide network of painters who wants to create Peace. We manifest Peace Within as well as on the Planet Earth by painting at the same time, once a month, focusing on our inner peace and give it an expression.  Art is our way to create Peace.”

To become part of the Project its important that you have passed the Basic Course in Vedic Art. Happily Contact a Vedic Art Teacher nearby you around the world for education. Then Join us on FB. ”PUIA PeacePainting” if you like . Or keep in contact on these pages.

This is a non profit  project. People painting in unity for peace… a worldwide network. A montly celebration.

People knowing the methode of Vedic Art will all speak the same language. The language of silence, and inner knowledge, that connect us all. And we know how to communicate with each others in peaceful unity. 

Join a group in person or in the absens, all painting at the same time…  we will make a difference.

”When we create Peace from deep within, we become Peace” – // Gaila

”When you sent out energy you attract the same energy ” It´s physics – Albert Einstein

”The earth without art simply leaves us with e…h” //unknown

It is possible to support the project by making a fondraise, giving us opportunity to travel, get together, giving free education and workshops. Find it interesting to support us?  Get in contact :-). We will happily respond.

/ PUIA team & network