The dance performance ”Rainbow Reflection”

Team – Puia is performing our dance ”Rainbow Reflection” on demand and requests

The Art-and Dance performance ”Rainbow Reflection” is a Pilot project that was born out of the Integration of professional youths and amateurs.

Based on the fact that we all are capable of creating as long as we collect the wisdom inside of us all. The entire dance was created by the young people, after studying and being inspired by  art, poems, and self referring methods and exercises from an artist and writer.

We also offer a great opportunity for you to help setting up the performance with your own dancers, mucisians, painters, sound mixers, dressmakers, and other integrated artistique  areas.

A great concept for art schools, involving music, dance, art, sound mix, light, videorecording, foto

A workshop, body- soul connection, creativity and mind tools

Enjoy the video documentation of the dance performance Rainbow Reflection if you are a member or invited

//Team Puia