Rainbow Reflection Concept

The Concept of

Rainbow Inspiration

Personal Development to inner peace – a inner journey by the color of the rainbow.

One week of inner journey together.  Experience and get to know yourself thruough the colors of the rainbow. Using creativity and methods for inner peace.

Enjoy better health, self awareness, tools for creative self-development, positive leadership, stronger intuition and the art of listening.

Poems, written material, selfreffering questions, artistic expression, mental training, food, nutrition, herbs, eteric oils, yoga and exercises.
Using one colour of the rainbow every day to reflect on and work with.

The cost varies depending on group  and place

7 days aprox 700 Euro/person ( 7000 SKr)

Personlig Utveckling – en inre resa i regnbågens färger

Ger deltagare bättre hälsa, självinsikt, redskap för kreativ själv-utveckling, positivt ledarskap, starkare intuition och förmåga att lyssna närvarande.

Yoga inspirerat träningsprogram. Kreativa, alternativa metoder och tekniker för kropp, själ och sinne.

En resa i färger, alternativt tänkande, självinsikt, hälsa, träning, mat, näring och medveten närvaro.
En färg för varje dag. Ett möte med sig själv på 7 nivåer av varande.

Inspirerande dagar med oändliga möjligheter

Kostnad beroende på grupp och plats

Ca 7000 Skr /pp och vecka


Rainbow Art performance

Creating an art performance of unity by art, poetry, music, light and dance . Developed by the young participants in the  moment of awareness. Using mindfulness in exploring and understanding ourself and the creative force.

A journey by spirit unfolding  through seven levels of body and life, finally experiencing unity.

Find it interesting?

We work with people in different school environment . Proffessional youths meating amateurs.

Unfolding inner ability in safe surroundings and athmosphere, to be able to develope in your own rythm and trust.

To set up an performance together we start with one week of The Rainbow Concept.

A inner journey together to experience and get to know the written material, self-referential questions, poems,  artistic expression, mental training, sounds, art of listening, yoga and similar exercises. Using one colour of the rainbow every day to reflect on and work with.

Next step we develope the dance from our inner beings togehter,  followed by repetition for aproximately a month, then setting the environment and performance stage.

The cost is about 250.000:-  SvK  including one to three shows.

Travvel and living expenses will be charged on top of that, depending on where it is set up

// Gaila, Linnea, Rebecca, Michelle A, Michelle, Elin, Tobias, Linus D, Linus, Johan