Rainbow Reflection Story

The Art-and Dance performance ”Rainbow Reflection” is a Pilot project that was born and created by the Integration of professional youths and amateurs.

Based on the fact that we all are capable of creating as long as we collect the wisdom inside of us all. The entire dance was created by the young people, after studying and being inspired by  art, poems, and self referring methods and exercises from an artist and writer.

The pilot project was a dream of dancing for world peace, by creating together from within.
Red  29092012-_IGP9043

Professionals, trainee and amateurs came together and created a performance through the chakra system, describing the journey of life. Using the rainbow colour to travel beyond illusions. The acters and scenerie full of coloured light and art paintings in background,  projected on the wall behind

Orange        Rainbow Reflection     Rainbow Reflection

The project started with an intensive 7 day workshop introducing the chakra system, followed by a month of dedicated repetitions while creating soundtrack, vocal and stagecostumes.

The Rainbow Relfection was performed in Lysekil 2012 at the jubileé of the 5 th yearly week celebration of Art and culture.Two of a kind

This was only possible thanks to devoted dancers and artists who made all the performing, repetitions and development that had to be done, without any payment but joy and enthusiasm. Also the cooperation with schools, pupils and other acters on the scene, to make this dream of an Art Performance come true. Dancing for Peace and Unity.  Even the rainbow showed up to celebrate the day. Now we can share our knowledge, developing others and give performing arts on demand.    I’m So Grateful!!  THANK YOU // Gaila.

Enjoy the video documentation of the dance performance Rainbow Reflection is possible if you are a member or invited by the team.