Balance & Harmony

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Seven levels of awareness. Exploring colors of rainbow and energy of our chakras.

The retreat will introduce you to different methods to connect and balance the chakra system.

Everyday we explore and experience one of the chakras.

Using gemstones, colours, sounds, exercises, yoga and qigong, herbs, oils and dive deeper into the understanding of how your thouhgts and the minds focus can transform and connect to the chakra.
We practise meditation, affirmations, mantras and visualisations to balans each of our subtile energies in and around your different energy bodies.
Then we express ourself and our relation with the chakra in different ways. Writing, painting, talking, sounding and charing for example. According to the group.
Making a map of our journey to bring back home.

Peaceful, loving atmosphere and surroundings

Balance & harmony has its focus on finding balans at everyday life, understand the different levels of awareness, by feelgood and inner harmony, using the coclours of teh rainbow and the levelse in our coniousness connected to the theories of chakra energy. It will be  a rich  palette of possibilities to try and explore by our own capacity.

Examples include texts, poetry, essential oils, bachdrops, health shots, yoga-inspired exercises, physical, ethereal, emotional, mental, causal, spiritual exercises,

During the retreat you have the opportunity to create your own little compendium to take home.

Scheduled Morning activities, evening meditations with creative expressions in between. You choose yourself what interests you of the wide range of test-data available.

You get the opportunity to work creatively with different methods in the rainbow colors, a color code for each day. You get a wide palette of opportunity to experience how each chakra is structured, how a color code can work, what exercises can balance us and balance. An ongoing ongoing journey in life science.

You need to wear clothes in the rainbow colors, a pouch, open mind, scissors, weatherproof clothing, warm sweaters and socks, yoga mat or sleeping bags.

Date: 11-18 juni

Time: monday kl 10.00 – sunday kl 15.00

Fee 3.900 SvK plus accomondation

Places: Later decicion, Places could be  Lysekil, Öland, Göteborg, Halland

You need clothes in the colors of the rainbow, a binder, Outdoors clothing due to weather, a warm swehter an socks, yoga mat or coaster, a blanket white or cream color.

// Team PUIA, gaila, julia, jessica, mari, yoyo, linnéa, rebecca, tobbe