Artist and founder of PUIA (2012), Puia-PeacePainting (2014), VAIA (2013) and in her early age the figureskating association YKK (1989)

Born in Gothenburg, Sweden. Versatile and creative since early age.

Earlier educations and studies in figureskating, dance, ballet, judo, yoga, pattern design,  sewing, weaving, porcelain painting, basket painting,  personal development, stressrelaxing methodes, mental training, massageteraphy, herb-and nutrition, kinesiology,  Reiki Master education, shamanic healing methods, Behavior-and health medicine .

Worked with coaching, stress releasing therapy, meditations, chakra release programs (inkluding qigong, tao, healing), bodytherapies, healththerapy, healing sessions, teaching Reiki, talks and workshops in different topics. (nutrition, kinesology, meditation, mental training, stress release programs among others)
Started as a teenager to teach Figure skating, making choreography, music mixing and dresses for competitions- and show- programs on ice. Founded in her 20ties YKK,  The first figure skating club in Sweden concentrating on only synchronized skating, both adults and kids.

Producer of a CD ” A Magic Journey” (only in swedish) for personal development and internal mental training. A cooperation with musical artist and composer Rickard Åström.
Stage performance, speaches & meditation from the heart with Rickard Åström at Birka Cruiser Stockholm, Mundekulla Music festival, Spiritual Center ”Helande Rum” and at Kajutan, Orust Cultur center

Since 2008, writing, drawing, painting,
Educating people in Vedic Art in Sweden and around the world. Giving basic, continue, Advanced Cources, & teacher training. Since 2014 Teaching ”Drawing without Boundaries” and developing drawing skills out of her own experience.

Artistic Director, project leader, choreographer and promoters of the pilotproject art-and dance performance ”Rainbow Reflection”.
Producer of the video documentation  ”Rainbow Reflection”.
Developing this to the performing art is an Ongoing Project and her life´s Passion

Engaged as a lecturer in her areas of expertise. Different topics in Vedic Art, Her life journey, Stress release methods, and the ability to listen, act and create from an open heart.

Simply lighten up the world a little by little in peace and unity.